• Clinical Trials to Help You Quit Smoking


    If you are trying to quit smoking, participating in a clinical trial research study may be another option for you. Clinical trials are the “gold standard” of research, meaning they are the best way to figure out if certain treatments are effective. There are many studies in progress to help determine the best treatments for smoking cessation. Participating in a study may give you earlier access to new treatments that can help you quit smoking. And your participation in studies that lead to new treatments would be helping other quitters in the future.

    Some studies allow participation via the Internet, while others require entering a research facility to participate. If you are interested in finding a research study you may be able to participate in, try searching these helpful websites.

    Before you enroll in a clinical trial, read more from SecondsCount on how clinical trials work and questions to ask before participating in a clinical trial.

    SmokeFree.gov lists a few smoking cessation research studies that are online-based.

    ClinicalTrials.govis a service of the National Institutes of Health and the site offers a comprehensive list of smoking cessation studies that are currently enrolling participants. 

    CenterWatch.com lists smoking cessation research studies by state.