• Considerations for Caregivers of Angioplasty Patients

    If you care for someone who has had angioplasty, you can do a lot to help your friend or loved one feel better and stay healthy.

    Lifestyle Changes

    You’ve heard it before, but now more than ever, it’s important for your loved one to -

    But did you know that you and those you care for can get help to accomplish these goals? Click on each of the items above for tools and strategies to make it easier.

    Buddy Up

    By working together on lifestyle changes, you and your friend or loved one have the added benefit of someone counting on you. Chances are good that on any given day at least one of you will have the drive to get the other one moving too.

    Other Ways You Can Help

    Making lifestyle changes can be difficult under the best circumstances, but it is even more difficult after a procedure. Even if your loved one feels better physically, treatment for heart disease can take an emotional toll as well. We all like to imagine that we can keep going no matter what. A heart attack or other physical problem can be quite a shock and it’s easy to become overwhelmed and depressed.

    Here are a few specific suggestions for how to make it easier for your friend or loved one.

    • Keep an eye on your friend or relative. Look for signs that he or she may need some help.
    • If you see something that needs to be done, just do it.
    • Help with medications, such as reordering, picking up prescriptions from the pharmacy or suggesting a reminder system that might make it easier to remember. Click here to download the SecondsCount Med Minder.
    • Offer to pick up items from the grocery store and help with other errands.
    • Provide information on support groups that could be helpful.
    • Spend time together. Talk. Listen.
    • Ask about doctors’ appointments and reschedule any as necessary. Accompany your friend or loved one to doctors’ appointments and help by asking questions and taking notes.
    • Offer to help with paperwork. It doesn’t take long for it to pile up.

    Be Sure To Take Care of Yourself As Well

    Depending on the level of care you are providing for your friend or loved one, it can become physically and emotionally overwhelming for you too. Take time for yourself to rest and recharge so you are ready to help again.