• SecondsCount Smoke-Free Success Plan, Step 1: Know and Remind Yourself Often Why You Want to Quit


    You've decided you want to quit smoking. Good for you! But, now what? You need a plan that is tailored just for you.

    Begin by picking from the checklist below, “Why You Want to Quit,” the three most important reasons you want to quit. Highlight them, write them down, make them your mantra, keep them close at hand, tape them up places you will see them, and review them often. They will be your first defense against sneaky cravings.

    Download SecondsCount Why You Want to Quit Checklist (PDF)

    Things To Do Before I Quit
    Lower risk of heart attack  

    Lower risk of stroke

    Live longer  

    Increase your energy

    Suffer fewer respiratory infections  
    Lower blood pressure  
    Lower blood pressure  
    Breathe easier  
    Cough less  
    Reduce risk of foot sores, eye problems, nerve damage, and kidney (if you have diabetes)  
    Lower risk of cancer of the mouth, throat, lungs, and bladder  
    Help protect those around you and from the harmful effects of second-hand smoke  

    Save Money To:

    Get out of debt  
    Take a vacation  
    Save for retirement  

    Feel Better About Yourself:

    Improve your sense of taste and smell  
    Won't have to admit to others that you still smoke  
    Enjoy a sense of accomplishment when you quit  
    Set a good example for your kids - so they don't start  
    Protect the health of loved ones and pets from second-hand smoke  
    Be around for your kids and their kids as they grow older  

    Improve Your Appearance:

    Prevent further damage to skin  
    Whiten teeth  
    Stop burning holes in clothing  

    Add one of your own

    Add one of your own

    Add one of your own