• Questions to Ask Your Doctor About Atrial Fibrillation (Afib or AF)


    We invite you to use the following questions as a tool to help you talk with your healthcare team about your atrial fibrillation (Afib or AF). Print them out and take them with you to your next appointment.  Take notes to help you remember your discussion when you get home.

    1. What is causing my atrial fibrillation? Could treating the underlying problem cure my Afib or reduce my symptoms?
    2. What symptoms should I watch for that may indicate that my Afib is getting worse? How will I know when to call 9-1-1?
    3. How great is my risk for stroke? How do you recommend reducing my risk?
    4. What medications should I take for my Afib? Are there side effects I should watch for? Should I be concerned about interactions with my other medications, supplements or vitamins? Are there foods I cannot eat or drink while taking my Afib medications?
    5. Will coffee, tea or energy drinks affect my Afib? What about other stimulants?
    6. Do the medications I will be taking require blood tests to confirm they are working as they should?
    7. Would I benefit from a procedure or surgery to control my Afib or reduce my risk for stroke? What would be the risks?
    8. (If you exercise): May I continue exercising as I have in the past?
    9. (If you are thinking about exercise or other heart-healthy changes): Do you recommend any changes to my lifestyle? Should I start exercising? If so, are there limitations I should follow?
    10. (For women): If I have Afib or am taking Afib medications, can I still take birth control pills or hormone replacement therapy?
    11. (For men): If I have Afib or am taking Afib medications, can I use erectile dysfunction medications?
    12. Will I be able to have dental treatments or other procedures?
    13. Should I be wearing a medical bracelet? What should it say?

    Print this list, Questions to Ask Your Doctor About Atrial Fibrillation, here.