• Resources and Support If You Have Angina


    If you are looking for additional information and support, consider reading and hearing what others have to say about their experiences with angina. Follow the links below to meet other people who have found some relief from their angina:

    • Debbie was able to keep dancing because she and her doctor found a way to manage her chronic angina . 
    • Donnette found relief from some of her angina symptoms after she opened up to her doctor.
    • Betty discovered she could have a high quality of life at any age.
    • Ed Gartner found the right treatment for his active lifestyle.
    • Gary Lawrence got treated in time to make his European anniversary trip a pleasure.  
    • Jack Blatherwick was suprised by the sudden onset of angina. In his case, angina signaled a serious heart condition requiring treatment.
    • John McLaughlin ignored his symptoms until his doctor told them they could be treated, allowing him to continue his active lifestyle.
    • Kathy was confused by her symptoms, but she persevered until she and her interventional cardiologist found answers -- and successful treatment.
    • Russell Wickrowski learned that some of the symptoms he blamed on indigestion were really angina.
    • Ruth Garrett thought her life was over, thanks to angina, but successful treatment with angina and stenting got her dancing again!

    For more information about angina, visit the following websites: