• SecondsCount Healthy Vein Checklist


    For most people, vein problems are not the end of the world. Especially if you are willing to try new things, change some old habits, and take responsibility for your own health. You can feel better and reduce your risk of vein problems in the future. This checklist can help you get started.

    ❑ Maintain a healthy weight.

    Stop smoking.

    ❑ Eat a healthy diet.

    ❑ Take your medications as prescribed by your doctor.

    Keep moving! If you move, your blood will move.

    ❑ If you have to sit for very long, put up your feet! Make sure they are least six inches above your heart. Raise them a few times each day.

    ❑ Wear compression stockings as prescribed by your doctor.

    Avoid sitting for long periods.

    Keep clothing loose around your waist and legs.


    Please feel free to print this Checklist here. (PDF).