• SecondsCount Weight Log


    Sudden weight gain can be an indication that you are retaining fluid, one of the warning signs of worsening heart failure. Tracking your weight each day can help you catch worsening heart failure and signal to you if it is time to call your heart failure care team. SecondsCount has developed a Weight Log form that you can use to help you track your weight. We invite you to download the log, print out a new one for each month, fill in the log daily and take the filled-out logs to your doctor’s appointments.

    As you fill out the log, be mindful of weight changes. It is a good idea to contact your care team right away if you have a weight gain of 2–3 pounds overnight or 5 pounds in a week.

    Bring the Weight Log with you to doctor’s appointments. Click here to print the SecondsCount Weight Log (PDF).