• Your Guide to Healthcare Professionals


    Good health is the foundation for everything we do and enjoy in life. Unfortunately, we don’t always realize that until we get sick and need help—which is not a great time to choose a doctor. If you can, wait until you feel better so you can commit more time and energy to the effort. Finding the right doctor is an investment in your wellness and future that can pay off with a happy, healthy and active life. So, do your homework!

    Finding the Best Doctor and Hospital for You

    Whether you just moved to a new town or your doctor of many years is retiring, it can be a challenge to find a new physician who is conveniently located and has the knowledge, experience and communication style that makes you comfortable enough to discuss your most personal concerns.

    You may also need to choose a hospital. Some hospitals are known for treating certain conditions, for example, cancer or heart disease. If you have the choice of more than one hospital, make sure that your healthcare providers of choice can continue to take care of you at the hospitals you prefer.

    Click here for guidance and tools to help you in your search for healthcare providers and hospitals.

    Finding Cardiovascular Care

    If you experience sudden, severe symptoms such as chest pain or shortness of breath, don’t wait to find a cardiologist. Call 911.

    Click here to learn more about symptoms of heart attack

    If you do not need immediate medical attention but you have questions or concerns about your heart, your primary care physician is a good place to start. Your primary care physician or any doctor that you see on a regular basis—your internist, family doctor, or gynecologist—can answer questions and help you find the care you need.

    Your doctor may recommend that you see a specialist. Click on the links below to learn more about some of the specialists who treat heart disease:

    If you do require treatment for heart disease you will work with a team of people that may include one or more of these specialists as well as your primary care physician.

    Click here to learn more about the many types of healthcare professionals who work together to help patients with their cardiovascular care.

    Finding an Interventional Cardiologist

    If you are looking for an interventional cardiologist in your area, click here to find one by location or last name. Keep in mind that you might want to consider other factors besides convenience. Many of the same considerations for finding a primary care physician apply to finding specialists. Click here for more guidance on how to choose healthcare providers.

    Getting a Second Opinion

    A second opinion can be very helpful, especially if you are facing long-term treatment of a serious illness or major surgery. As much as you may want to take care of the problem right away, it can benefit you to take some time up front to be sure you are making the right decisions about your treatment. Click here for guidance on seeking a second opinion.

    Working together, you and your chosen healthcare providers improve your chances for a better outcome. You each have important information that can help the other—you know what’s best for you and carefully chosen healthcare professionals will have the training and experience to help you achieve your healthcare goals.