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    What Causes Atrial Fibrillation?

    Atrial fibrillation (also known as Afib or AF) is an irregular heartbeat caused by an abnormal heart rhythm. Normally the heart sends regular electrical signals from one section to another.

    Menopause & Heart Disease

    During a woman’s reproductive life cycle, a naturally occurring hormone called estrogen provides some protection against cardiovascular disease, so women’s risk of heart disease is lower compared to men their age.

    Causes of Heart Failure

    Heart failure is a condition with many possible causes. Heart failure describes the inability of the heart muscle to pump enough blood to meet the body’s needs for oxygen and nutrients that are delivered by the bloodstream.

    Performance-Enhancing Drugs & The Heart

    Use of performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs), also known as "doping," isn't just a problem among elite athletes like Lance Armstrong. Unfortunately, PED use is widespread in high schools, colleges, and gyms across the United States.

    It Takes a Team: Learn About Care Teams for Heart Failure

    Currently, there is no cure for most cases of heart failure. However, with careful management of the condition, a very good quality of life is possible for many patients.

    What Is Heart Failure?

    Your heart is a muscle with two upper chambers (atria) and two lower chambers (ventricles).

    Know Your Meds: A Worksheet to Help with Tracking Your Heart Medications

    To make it easier to face the cost and inconvenience of taking medication, think of each pill as a life saver or a life enhancer instead of a nuisance. Ask yourself, “What does this medication do for me? How is it saving or enhancing my life?”

    What Is a Stress Test?

    If your doctor suspects you may have blockages in the coronary arteries that supply blood to your heart or other heart problems, you may be scheduled for a stress test.

    How a San Francisco Cyclist Got a Second Chance at Life – and His Baby Boy Got His Daddy

    There was a chill in the air the morning Curtis Broome, his wife Heather and several friends met to bike the hills above San Francisco Bay. Chilly enough for Curtis to put on a skull cap.

    Heart Pumps & Other Devices Used to Treat Heart Failure

    Some patients with heart failure will be eligible to receive one of several types of assistive devices that can be implanted in the body to help improve the heart’s pumping ability.