• Questions to Ask Your Doctor About Your Medical History and Risk Factors


    Being prepared in advance for your office visit can help you make sure your doctor receives all the information he or she needs. Write down notes about your medical history to take with you, if you think that may be helpful. You may also want to write down notes containing questions you have for your doctor. The questions below can help you start your list:

    • Does my personal and family medical history put me at greater risk for cardiovascular disease?
    • Do I have risk factors for cardiovascular disease that I can change (e.g., smoking, diet, etc.)?
    • How can I enroll in a smoking cessation program? (If you smoke and wish to quit.)
    • What level and type of exercise is appropriate for me?
    • Is there anything that I should be doing right now to improve my cardiovascular health?

    A copy of this list of questions is available here (PDF format) for you to print and take with you. And please, share it with a friend or loved one so they can take this important first step, too.