• SecondsCount Smoke-Free Success Plan, Step 4: Don’t Give Up. Support Is Key


    Did we already say that it’s not easy to quit smoking? It’s not. Pat yourself on the back for every minute, hour and day that you don’t smoke.

    If you do slip, go easy on yourself. Keep trying. Stick it out.

    Unfortunately, what works for one person at one time may not work for another. That’s why you can’t give up. You learn something new every time you try to quit. And, each time you try to quit increases your odds of quitting for good next time - so keep trying.

    Receiving Support When You Are Quitting Smoking

    • Talk to your family and closest friends about your plans to quit smoking. Ask them not to smoke in front of you. Explain that you may need to change how you socialize to avoid places where people are smoking, or even particular people who smoke, and that it’s not personal or permanent—just until you’re better able to resist the urge to smoke. You can share this list of tips we've created for the family and friends of people who are working on kicking the smoking habit. It's called How to Make Your Quitter a Winner.
    • Join a support group.
    • Calculate the money you’re saving by not smoking and consider it “reward money” that you may spend any way you like if you are successful.
    • Try reading self-help motivational books if you need some more encouragement.