• Resources on Coronary Bypass Surgery


    The links below may help you as you seek to understand coronary bypass surgery and the underlying disease process that the surgery treats. Mended Hearts and WomenHeart are patient support groups that can connect you with others who have experienced coronary bypass surgery.

    Learn More About Coronary Bypass Surgery

    If you’d like to learn more about coronary bypass surgery, follow the links below:

    • Coronary Bypass SurgeryIf you are scheduled for, or have already undergone, coronary bypass surgery, you are not alone. Hundreds of thousands of the surgeries are performed in the United States each year. Read on for an overview of the surgery and what it treats, as well as for links to detailed information on what to expect from the surgery, benefits and risks, your care team for the surgery, and more.
    • Coronary Artery DiseaseBlockages form in the heart arteries as a result of a progressive disease process. If you have had or are being recommended to have coronary bypass surgery, it is to treat your underlying coronary artery disease.