• What Do I Need to Know Once the PFO is Closed?


    Your medical team will review all information with you regarding your procedure and recovery. You will go home from the hospital with only a small bandage covering the site where the device was inserted. It is likely your medical team will tell you to take showers, rather than baths, for several days in order to be sure the site remains clean. While infection of the site is unlikely, you will be told what symptoms to look for, and if you should call your doctor.

    Your doctor may provide you with recommendations of what to eat or drink when you first get home from the hospital. Be sure to ask if you have any questions.

    Other precautions will be discussed with you. You should wait at least 48 hours until you drive a car. You can use stairs as necessary; however, you should not put undue stress on your leg where the procedure was performed. You can walk at a normal pace, or at a comfortable one, soon after going home; however, your doctor will let you know when you can go back to your normal exercise routine. Typically, the physician will ask you to refrain from strenuous exercises for one month following device implantation. Make sure you ask about when you can go back to work as it may vary depending upon the type of job you do. You should also ask when you can resume normal sexual relations and when you can travel safely.

    You may be sent home from the hospital with prescription medication; make sure your doctor knows if you already use any other prescription medication, or if you are taking any vitamins or supplements. In addition, make sure your doctor knows about any plans you may have for dental surgery or other procedures, since you may be required to observe special precautions or take specific prescriptions, such as antibiotics, in advance.