Aortic Dissection

Ask your doctor

The following questions can help you talk to your doctor about aortic dissection. Print out or write down these questions and take them to your next doctor’s appointment. Taking notes can help you remember your doctor’s response when you get home.

Doctor explaining condition to patient with heart diagram

Questions for your doctor

Bring a list of questions to help you discuss aortic dissection with your doctor. 

  1. Do I have the risk factors for aortic dissection? If so, what do I need to do or know?
  2. If my imaging test revealed an aortic aneurysm or tear, what are the next steps?
  3. I survived an aortic dissection. What do I need to do moving forward? Will I need additional procedures or surgeries? What medications do I need to take? How often should I have follow-up tests?