Questions to Ask About Cardiovascular Tests & Procedures

The questions below can help you discuss recommended cardiovascular tests and procedures with your doctor. You can print them out, take them to your appointment, and share them with friends and loved ones when you encourage them to see their doctors.

Questions about tests you’re considering

  1. What information will the test(s) give us about my cardiovascular health?
  2. What are the benefits of the test(s)?
  3. Do these test(s) carry any risks? If so, what are the risks?
  4. How accurate are these test(s)?
  5. What are the likely next steps if the test(s) indicate a problem?

Questions about procedures you’re considering

  1. Will the procedure(s) prolong my life or improve my quality of life?
  2. What are the benefits of the procedure(s)?
  3. Are there other procedures I should consider in addition to this one?
  4. Does the procedure(s) carry any risks? If so, what are the risks?
  5. How successful is the procedure(s)?
  6. What are some likely next steps after the procedure(s)?