Cholesterol/Lipids Test

What can you expect

A cholesterol/lipids test is like any other blood test. Having blood drawn typically only takes a few minutes and involves the following:

  1. Before the test, be sure to follow any instructions given to you by your physician related to eating and drinking.
  2. You’ll be asked to roll up your shirt sleeve (if necessary), and the medical professional drawing the blood will swab the area where the needle will be inserted with an alcohol wipe.
  3. A rubber tube may be tied around the upper part of your arm, or you may be asked to make a fist, to make the veins stand out more and easier to access.
  4. A needle attached to a small test tube will be inserted into your vein, and blood will begin to flow into the tube.
  5. When an appropriate sample for the test has been gathered, the needle will be removed, and you may be asked to press on a piece of gauze placed over the insertion site. This pressure will help stop any bleeding from the tiny puncture site.
  6. A bandage will then be placed over the site where the needle was inserted.
  7. Your blood sample will then be sent to lab technicians for analysis. You’ll receive information when you have the blood test about when you can expect results.


Having blood drawn by a qualified medical professional is very safe. You’ll experience momentary pain when the needle is inserted, and you may experience bruising at the needle insertion site after the test is complete. If you have an allergy to latex or any adhesives, let the person know who’s drawing your blood so that any necessary adjustments can be made.